The Punjabi speaking community has been a vibrant part of New York since the early 60’s contributing to the social, cultural and economic vitality of the State.

There are tens of thousands of Punjabi speakers that call New York State home and for over a half century the Punjabi population in NY has been burgeoning. There are entire neighborhoods in New York City which are considered "Punjabi"-- areas with vibrant and bustling populations, businesses, and temples. There are however very few government resources available in the Punjabi language and it has become one of the most isolated languages in New York.

The City and the State governments provide critical information and resources to residents. Most of the documents containing this information are provided in English and a number of languages including Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Russian, Korean and Bengali amongst others.

The members of this coalition are urging the Governor of NY State and the Mayor of New York City to exercise their executive powers and make available, critical information in Punjabi.

Tell the government of NY that you support having important government information available in Punjabi!


“NY Speaks Punjabi” is a campaign to demand that the City and State of New York provide Punjabi language translations of critical government documents and information.