SEVA ARTS aims to organize first-generation and immigrant artists, from all disciplines, in our communities. We aim to build a community that will support, encourage, and connect artists with each other and with audiences. The project assists artists in identifying resources both public and private, while organizing art events where artists can showcase their talents. SEVA ARTS fosters a supportive community for our artists who often create art that often goes unappreciated for lack of exposure. We support our artists by leveraging our existing institutional resources to build a broader network of organizations and indviduals with missions to support the artistic community. SEVA ARTS is working on building and maintaining a directory of community artists who are looking to collaborate and connect with other artists or if they need assistance in accessing resources.

Artists can join the SEVA Arts Community by filling out this form

Artist Profile

I was born in Punjab, India. At only 2 months old, my family moved to New York. I went to Bayside High School and was part of the art and design program there. I learned how to better my skills in drawing and got a start of learning design programs there. I am currently a senior in City Tech, majoring in Communication design. I am pursuing a career in graphic design and am planning to graduate this fall. I joined SEVA last summer while working on the Seva mixtape design. Since then I have worked on some of the latest flyers and this website design.